Submission Dates & Rules

Submissions will be open April 13-23.

Per our submission guidelines, you must complete both a submission information form AND email your query + 10 pages to AMM to be considered. You may submit to up to four mentors. They may request a partial, full, and/or synopsis in addition to your submission package, so we recommend having all three ready.

Mentor/mentee pairs will be announced between mid-May and early June.

Who AMM is for:

Young Adult AND Middle Grade (new!) authors with complete manuscripts that are ready for mentorship. This means you’ve done at least one revision pass/the book is somewhat polished.

We strongly recommend you submit manuscripts that have not been queried, or have only been queried/pitched lightly. Mentors won’t be able to help as much if a book has been widely queried.

If you are new to Author Mentor Match:

AMM is not a contest, but a straightforward mentorship program. We focus on relationships and editorial/industry guidance. If you are chosen by a mentor, the two of you will guide the parameters of your relationship, as well as timing.

Have more questions? Try our FAQ!

Round 2 Mentors

Our mentor roster for round 2 is still being set, but here are a few things we can tell you:

  • We’ll have approximately 30 mentors (up from 23) for round 2
  • Most of the mentors are brand new for this round, so if you submitted last time but weren’t chosen, there is a whole new crop of mentors to consider
  • We’ve added middle grade as a genre, so there will be a select number of mentors who can mentor MG
  • We increased the mentor submission limit to four in order to give mentees a bit more choice/opportunity
  • There are twice as many mentors for contemporary/thriller/mystery as we had in round 1, so more opportunities for those manuscripts/authors
  • But don’t worry, we still have a solid crop of fantasy/sci-fi/genre mentors!

Round 2 mentors will be announced in mid-March (ie: very soon!).

News & Updates

Once again, Heather Kaczynski and Alexa Donne are moderating/facilitating AMM, with the addition of the incomparable Kat Cho!

To stay up to date on the latest news, follow Heather (@HKaczynski), Alexa (@AlexaDonne), or Kat (@KatCho), and/or check the hashtag #AuthorMentorMatch or #AskAMM. We also welcome questions on these hashtags, or you can directly @tag us.

You can also subscribe to Alexa’s newsletter, as she provides pertinent AMM updates in her monthly eblasts. To connect with other mentee hopefuls, we recommend the mentee-run Facebook group Author Mentor Match Support Group.

And of course, check the website! We’ll post all news/updates here.