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Jessica Bibi Cooper is a British Fashion Council accredited journalist, writing about fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle. Her work has been published in publications such as Dazed, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and more. She is also a Social Media Manager for HNWI’s in the fashion and beauty industry.

In-between reporting and attending fashion events, Jessica Bibi writes dark fantasy stuffed full of all the things she loves: villains, twisty plots, enemies to lovers and morally ambiguous characters.

Jessica Bibi currently lives in the UK and can be seen stalking about the streets of London with her Very Scary dobermann, Indiana.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I wrote tons of weird stories as a kid but when I hit my teens, two characters popped into my head and refused to leave. So I spent years writing them in small, little scenarios and trying to build an actual story for them and wrote (and rewrote and rewrote) the thing for years with the intention to query it one day. My first round of querying garnered some requests, but no bites and I knew it was because the book was not ready and just not 100% what I wanted it to be. I then decided to apply to Pitch Wars 2017 (I did not get in) BUT during that time some sort of magic happened where I finally figured out what was going wrong with my manuscript: I scrapped the first third, mixed things about in the middle and decided to query the normal route. I did some twitter pitch contests (which garnered requests! and then rejections. Which meant more months spent on revising.) I then went down the old-fashioned route of cold-querying and was lucky enough to find someone who loved it.

I have a degree in English Literature from King’s College London and have been working as a journalist for over six years.

I’m also a member of a critique group of amazing ladies (sup, Guillotine Queens) who are all in the world of publishing. Some are agented writers out on sub, one has got an amazing book coming out next year, there’s an agent in there, a few in the land of querying and two of them also happen to be fellow R5 AMM mentors.

I live and breathe for books and meeting new characters that I will cherish and adore–it’s my most favorite thing in the world. I’m drawn to dark and sinister stories that are dripping with magic. Or blood. (Preferably both.)

I love anything dark and deadly and want to fall in love with a book that has a villainous love interest. I want a book that pushes the boundaries, that makes us question ourselves and makes me fall head over heels with its characters.

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Own Voices
  • Urban/Contemporary Fantasy
  • Horror

I love all the dark and sinister things: villain romance, enemies-to-lovers, characters who make awful decisions, characters who have questionable morals, dark magic, monsters, forbidden romance, betrayal, love-triangles (or any love-shape, really), ensemble casts, ambitious and angry protagonists.


  • Edit Letter (Big Picture developmental feedback)
  • Line edit (dropping notes into a Word Document)
  • Skype or phone call
  • Freestyle in chat

Ok so, firstly, I will provide a big-picture edit letter. I will be tough, but I will also squee away at bits I love. Once that’s sent, I am open to discuss all the things. This is a partnership and I want it to be collaborative. I’m flexible in terms of communication, so if you want to twitter, DM’s, skype, owl mail—whatever—I’m open to whatever works best for you.

Then as you hone, chop, fix and sew new things together till it’s at its ultimate best, we’ll go down to the nitty-gritty of line edits before you send it off to the land of querying.

(I will also make aesthetics and meme’s for you. Because I am ridiculous.)

Someone who is hard-working, determined and not afraid to rip their book apart, if needs be. I want someone who is passionate, accepting of critical feedback and suggestions but can also work independently.

I’m honestly super chill and love throwing about ideas–so someone who isn’t afraid to ask questions and has a sense of humor, would be great too.


  • Dark fantasy. But like, actually dark. Give me all the angry girls, the messed up monsters and demons. People who make the worst decisions. Or maybe they are The Worst? If so, I want to follow them!
  • Villains. Villains are my ultimate favorite thing. (Pretty much 99% of my favorite characters are villains.) And the one MAJOR thing that will make me go from a “hmmm maybe” to a “YES PLEASE I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW” is a villainous love interest. I don’t care how messed up or ‘problematic’ it might be perceived to be but I want it. Give me Alina and The Darkling, give me Lily and The Prince of Darkness, give me Sara and the Goblin King. If your villain is dark, dangerous and seductive, send it to me i m m e d i a t e l y.
  • A hate-to-love, enemies-to-lovers-(to enemies?) romance. Ideally with the villain (…make it with the villain).
  • Fae! I love, love, LOVE fae BUT—and this is a big but—for contemporary fantasy, I only want fae a la Holly Black, Emma Bull and Charles de Lint. For high fantasy, give me fae like Margaret Rogerson.
  • Vampires. Give me all your Lestat’s and Damon Salvatore’s. High-fantasy or contemporary fantasy, I want vampires. Like. Really, really badly.
  • Gothic horror romance. If you have anything that resembles Crimson Peak, I. want. it. Seriously. Give me the dark, messed up, tortuous romance, creep me out with horrific ghosts and visions and indulge me in some gorgeous atmosphere and aesthetics.
  • Corruption of innocence a la Dorian Gray.
  • If you something totally weird and whimsical like Edward Scissorhands or The Shape of Water where some monstrous being or creature disrupts some sleepy suburb, I would like to see it!
  • Stories that can be comped to any Guillermo del Toro and/or Tim Burton film.
  • My holy trinity authors are: Holly Black, Leigh Bardugo and Laini Taylor, so if your book comps to anything by them, send it to me.
  • I’m also a slut for anything Slavic and/or French-inspired.

If you’re Anti-Reylo/Darkling/Cardan/*insert villain here*, we’re not going to get along and it just won’t be a good fit (sorry!)

(Also, if you have a character that happens to be an assassin, I want to SEE them kill. I don’t want to be told XYZ is a “bloodthirsty, deadly assassin” and be presented with a pussycat. If you’re going to have a murdery character, deliver.)

And I don’t want any all-white, all-heterosexual casts, please. If your book has that, I suggest you go outside of your bubble and visit the real world.

Books: TITHE by Holly Black, VALIANT by Holly Black, IRONSIDE by Holly Black, THE CRUEL PRINCE by Holly Black (you can sense there’s a theme here, right? Just literally anything by Holly Black) THE SHADOW AND BONE trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, the DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE trilogy by Laini Taylor, the GORMENGHAST trilogy by Mervyn Peake, UPROOTED by Naomi Novik, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE by Anne Rice, WUTHERING HEIGHTS by Emily Brontë, DEATHLESS by Catherynne M. Valente, WAR FOR THE OAKS by Emma Bull, AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS by Margaret Rogerson, TITUS ANDRONICUS by William Shakespeare, THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY by Oscar Wilde

Films/TV: Crimson Peak, Pan’s Labyrinth, Star Wars, Labyrinth, Legend (the 1985 film with Tim Curry and a very young Tom Cruise), Hellboy 2, Interview with the Vampire, Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd, The Shining, Carrie (the original one), all the THOR movies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stranger Things, The X-Files, The Twilight Zone, The Vampire Diaries

I’m sure I’m missing a few things but if your book is reminiscent and can be comped to any Guillermo del Toro and/or Tim Burton film, I want it.

A few fav OTP pairings–just to give you an example of what type of relationship dynamics I like:

Alina x The Darkling (this is my ultimate fav, so if you have a relationship dynamic that resembles this…send it to me immediately.)
Jude x Cardan
Fuchsia x Steerpike
Kaye x Roiben
Sarkan x Agnieszka
Lady Macbeth x Macbeth

Rey x Kylo [Star Wars]
Sara x Jareth [Labyrinth]
Lily x Prince of Darkness [Legend]
Edith x Sir Thomas Sharpe [Crimson Peak]