Seeking: Agented & Published/Pre-Published Authors

AMM mentors are YA or MG authors who are either agented and/or a have a book deal (or book out).

If you are agented but do not yet have a book deal, we prefer authors who are well-versed in the publishing process, including revision, querying, submission (generally or from personal experience), the market, etc.

If you have a book deal/are published, we prefer authors with traditional deals made through an agent or a book packager, who also are well-versed in various aspects of the publishing process.

These parameters are to best guide aspiring writers who aim to secure agents and pursue traditional publishing, including and especially deals with the Big Five and other major small/mid-sized publishers.


We will confirm Round 3 mentors by September 9 (so there is still time to apply!). AMM R3 mentee applications will open in October, so you should have that time + through mid-November available to review applications, and time starting in December through the New Year to actively work with your chosen mentee.

Beyond these general timing guidelines, AMM does not have a firm timeline that mentors are held to. You are free to establish parameters with your chosen mentee that work best for you/them. We know especially that those with 2017 or 2018 debuts may have their own deadlines to meet. We simply ask that you communicate with your mentee, re: when you’ll be able to read their book/offer notes.


AMM prefers to keep the mentor group relatively small, and we are aiming for between 20-25 YA mentors and 10-15 MG mentors.

We’re looking for a balance of mentors in terms of genre (fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary/speculative, mystery, historical, etc.), publishing “status” (a mix of agented/pre-published/published), and may reach out if we have additional questions.

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