Erin Murphy

Middle Grade

Henry Holt
August 2017

Darcey wishes she wasn’t a muggle. Her stories range from historic fiction to fantasy to contemporary and they hang out in that middle grade place that could almost be YA, but isn’t. She has a day job as an environmental planner in the San Francisco Bay area. With her critique group she runs a small annual craft based workshop called Better Books.

My critique group has been together for over 10 years and none of us were published when we began, but all will be when my book comes out in August. We work seriously on each others work. I also do technical writing and editing as part of my day job.

Hoping to work with someone who has put some time into their work so they are at a point where they are ready for a mentor and open to honest discussions about their work. I am fair but don’t pull punches. I think I can help with plot pacing, character development, dialogue, and even technical line edits – all depending on where the author is.

I’d love to read Middle Grad or YA, sci fi, contemporary, historical fiction. Not huge into solid romance – some is fine if it serves the story, but not as the main plot for me.

Depending on where the mentee is in the process I would provide comments either on line (in track change) or could print out and comment. I usually provide some overall comments in writing as well as within text. I can follow up with a phone conversation if need be.

Oh so many – WRINKLE IN TIME, I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN, anything by Gary Schmidt, THE RAVEN BOY Cycle – Maggie Steifvater, Daughter of Smoke and Bones trilogy – Lani Taylor, Huge Joss Whedon fan – Firefly especially Big Aaron Sorkin fan – Newsroom, West Wing. Star Wars, Star Trek (not old school), The Expanse (stop me now – I could go on forever!)