Carlisle Webber

YA dark fantasy/horror

On Submission

I was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, not in the country but never far from a goat farm or horse ranch. Books have always been a large part of my life and I found my passion reading classic horror like Poe and Hawthorne. They opened a portal to the world of literary horror (by this time I was already well-versed in the movie genre) and soon my shelves were filling up with Stephen King, Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft. Don’t think I ignore the classics – there are plenty of those on my shelf too!

My experience mostly comes from spending twenty years on the stage. It was there that I learned the importance of story and character arcs. Also, the importance of being earnest. (I couldn’t resist, lol.) My strengths are story pacing, dialogue, character motivation, and setting. I am also a problem solver. I love puzzles. If there is a plot hole, we can plug it!

horror, fantasy (any sub genre,) magical realism, retellings, fairy tales, light science fiction

It all depends on the person and their style. If the work is very rough, I will go line by line and add notes as I read. Sometimes I will add commas or fix spelling errors, and I always add notes about pacing. I am careful to add good notes as well as the necessary. If I read a sentence or a description that’s caught my eye, I will always tell them I appreciate it. It’s important to let them know what they’re doing right, as well as wrong. No matter how thick people tell me their skin is, we are all sensitive when it comes to our books.

If the book is fairly polished, I will just send a letter with overall thoughts. If it were absolutely necessary, I could get down to the nitty gritty and help with an overhaul.

Someone serious about their craft. Someone open to ideas about their stories and characters, unafraid of change or the delete button. Someone who loves books as much as I do.

My girlie side loves ballet, purple, and romance. My tomboy side loves monsters, haunted houses, and revenge stories. I enjoy Forged in Fire and that new show Feud. Anything John Carpenter. The two books I try to read every year are Clive Barker’s Thief of Always and Maud Hart Lovelace‘s Betsy Tacy.