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YA Fantasy and historical fiction


Annemarie Pettinato lives in Austin with her German Shepherd, Dunkel. She graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in geography, which she now uses to map fantasy worlds and calculate the shortest distance between taco trucks.

When I finished a manuscript and began the journey towards publication I did not know any other querying or agented writers, and though I had found enough resources online in order to cobble together a decent query, I still felt lost in the process. I had no one to bounce ideas off of, to commiserate with, or to celebrate with. I received a good number of requests on that first manuscript, and while I was waiting on responses I started writing a second manuscript, a YA historical fantasy. About six months into querying my first manuscript I went to a writing conference with a query workshop. On a whim I decided to pitch my YA historical fantasy instead of my western, in hopes of getting feedback for my new project before querying it.

The two agents who workshopped my project were immediately very interested in my manuscript. After a quick couple of weeks where I did some revisions of the draft and polished, polished, polished, I sent the full off to them. Suzie, my wonderful agent, read the full in two weeks and emailed me the day before Thanksgiving to set up a call. I still had half a dozen or so fulls out from my western, so I had a slightly hectic notification of offer of rep and explain that it was actually on a new manuscript. But ultimately I had always known Suzie had the right vision for my career. We’ve been working together for just about a year now and I know I made the right choice!

While I was the first in my critique group to sign with an agent, I have had the pleasure of seeing several of my close friends sign with their dream agents over the past year. We have a strong local group of writers, and I have participated in a variety of more formal writing workshops. Several of my friends have gone through the AMM program, and I’ve seen how it can completely level up their writing. My goal as a mentor is not to critique your book into the ground though, I will probably ask many questions about your manuscript and your choices in hopes that they will help you find the heart of your book. And, of course, I will try to identify your strengths as a writer and really help you make them shine.


My goal as a mentor is to both provide help with revising and polishing a manuscript, as well as insight into the next steps in publishing. I don’t consider myself an expert by any means, but as someone who did not know any agented writers well before signing with my own agent, I hope I can be a resource to my mentee and help guide them through the questions that come with querying. I know what it feels like to be on the outside looking in. Many of my CPs were mentees in rounds 6 & 7, and the community from AMM helped them immensely.

I am looking for YA fantasy in all its subgenres


  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Magical Realism/Fabulism
  • #ownvoices
  • Urban/Contemporary Fantasy

Tropes/Genre Preferences:

  • Historical Fantasy
  • High Fantasy
  • Westerns
  • alt-history
  • Steampunk


  • Edit Letter (Big Picture developmental feedback)
  • Line edit (dropping notes into a Word Document)
  • Skype or phone call
  • Freestyle in chat

I’d love to open a dialogue with my mentee about their book and goals for their revision. I am the most helpful when discussing a work. If you are looking for prescriptive advice, I am probably not the mentor for you. I will tell you what isn’t working or could be improved. More importantly, I want to help my mentee find what IS working, and help them capitalize on those elements in order to make their manuscript the best it can be. I’m open to chatting via email, DMs, slack, etc. I will provide an initial edit letter as a jumping off point to start with, and if needed I can provide line comments, etc.

A mentee who is motivated to work on revisions and jump into querying! I want someone who is looking to revise their work with specific goals in mind. If my mentee has a clear vision, I want to help them do everything possible to achieve that.

YA Fantasy of all subgenres. Contemporary fantasy, high fantasy, urban, second world, portal, I love it all! Especially if it has ROMANCE.

Speaking of romance, any fresh take on a familiar trope is something I would love to read. Got a clever way to incorporate ‘only one bed’? I WANT IT. I’m also a fan of messy relationships, I want complex feelings, and dealing with coming of age stories and the type of uncertain, awkward, confusing romantic entanglements that come in that period in life. I’d love to see more of this, especially in LGBTQIA relationships.

Historical fantasy is my bread and butter, particularly second world fantasy that incorporates a strong influence from a time period in our world. Some recent favorites include Marie Rutkoski’s THE MIDNIGHT LIE and Isabel Ibanez’s WOVEN IN MOONLIGHT. Under the historical fantasy category, I also enjoy alt-history and traditional historical fiction.

I’d love to mentor literary-leaning YA with a speculative element, such as Elana K. Arnold’s brilliant DAMSEL, or Kim Ligget’s THE GRACE YEAR.

Protagonists without magic living in a magical world, or other narratives use a speculative element to explore agency and power dynamics.

Complex governments/power systems that aren’t monarchy or dictatorship based (although if you have a monarchy or dictatorship, don’t consider this a dealbreaker). I’d love to see YA fantasy that explores different power structures that haven’t been seen as frequently in the genre.

I’m probably not the best for pirates. I’m from a landlocked state that is surrounded by other landlocked states. I don’t understand boats!

No dogs dying in books. Sorry!

Shadow and Bone, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Queen’s Gambit, Legend of Korra