Saba Sulaiman

YA Science Fiction and Fantasy


Rosiee Thor began her career as a storyteller by demanding to tell her mother bedtime stories instead of the other way around. She spent her childhood reading by flashlight in the closet until she came out as queer. She lives in Oregon with a dog, two cats, and an abundance of bread. She is the author of Young Adult novels Tarnished Are The Stars and Fire Becomes Her.

After many years of dabbling, I decided to seriously pursue publication in 2016. I submitted to Pitch Wars and weathered some pretty wild revision deadlines (85k rewrite in three weeks yeehaw!) with my mentor. After querying for about 3 months, I signed with my agent, and spent about 6 months on sub before selling my debut. In the grand scheme of things, my pub journey has been pretty low-key, especially compared to some others, but I’ve experienced my fair share of bumps in the road, so I’m prepared to offer as much guidance as I can to my mentees as they embark on their own paths to publication.

I was mentored in pitch wars 2016 and have mentored in three previous rounds of Author Mentor Match. Past mentees described my mentoring style as “An all-inclusive vacation to Better Book Town” and “pyromaniacal.” I was also an assistant to a well-respected literary agent for over a year before moving on to focus on my own books.


As a previous mentee, I know the difference an encouraging and honest mentor can make. I want to create that same positivity for another writer and help them take the next step toward publication. I am particularly passionate about transparency and sharing what I’ve learned along the way to uplift other writers, especially marginalized writers. This industry can be tough, and no one should be forced to go it alone.

Send me your fantasy and sci fi, especially if it’s queer!

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Historical
  • #ownvoices

Fantasy: I would love to see second world or historical fantasy. I’m most interested in fantasy that centers marginalized characters having their own adventures/romances/heroics. I am not the best fit for fantasy that is horror first and fantasy second or that is romance first and fantasy second, but would love to see a fantasy that centers a queer romance. I love fantasy that asks big questions and prioritizes characters. That isn’t to say I don’t love fantasy with epic worldbuilding or magic that goes boom, I just like it alongside a strong character arc that makes me feel things. I am not the best fit for contemporary fantasy, however if your contemporary fantasy takes place mostly in a fantasy location (like a magic school) I would be open to it.

Sci fi: The same goes for sci fi–I want my sci fi to be character driven. I am less interested in how cool technology works than I am in how your characters are impacted by it or, better yet, how your characters impact it. I tend to prefer sci fi that feels otherworldly (post apocalyptic, set on other planets, in space etc). For sci fi that feels rooted in our world, I prefer sci fi elements that make for a huge impact in the type of story you’re telling (for example, I’m not super interested in mentoring a sci fi romcom with advanced dating app technology, but would be very interested in mentoring a sci fi romcom where everyone rides dinosaurs instead of cars). Overall, I like sci fi adventure and mystery that has a strong sense of cool, while never forgetting to center character.

Science Fantasy: PLEASE SEND ME THIS!!!! If you feel like your book has a foot in both genres, I want to read it. If you’re writing anything punk (steampunk, cyberpunk, gearpunk, hopepunk etc.) I would love to see it! Genre blending is my fav!

Historical: In historical, I would prefer to see pre-1950s narratives. I’d love to see historical fiction that centers marginalized characters, especially those that are often erased by history books. I would love to see something sweeping and achingly beautiful like Song of Achilles but for a different era/culture/mythos, or stories about real life queer historical icons. I’d also love to see marginalized characters thriving in the regency period or rising up against the French monarchy or going dancing in a speakeasy. Give me historical with a strong sense of time and place with characters who absolutely shine!

Across all the genres I’m accepting, I am most interested in seeing stories by and/or about marginalized characters. I want to see LGBTQIA representation, non-white/western representation, disabled and neurodivergent representation, fat and body diversity representation, Jewish representation etc.


  • Edit Letter (Big Picture developmental feedback)
  • Line edit (dropping notes into a Word Document)
  • Skype or phone call
  • Freestyle in chat

This is going to depend largely on who my mentee is! I want to provide a mentorship that works for you and matches up with your needs. That being said, my strengths as a mentor lie in structural big picture revisions and finessing query letters. I’m very hands on, so I always like to start with a phone call to go over the edit letter to make sure we’re both on the same page. I’ll also be available by chat if you have questions along the way. Ultimately, I want to be a longterm mentor, which means I’ll be here for you through success and failure. Mentorship to me doesn’t end with one book, so as long as we’re both still vibing with each other, I’m in this with you for as many books as it takes (and beyond!)

It’s tough to nail down exactly who my ideal mentee is (I’ve had four so far and they’ve all been ideal in different ways). So, this is by no means a comprehensive description. My ideal mentee is willing to make big revisions. I’m a big believer in rewriting as revising, so I will expect my mentee to be willing to rewrite the entire book, if need be (and tbh I am more likely to pick a mentee who needs this than someone who’s query ready). I also hope my mentee will be open to brainstorming and discussion–the best ideas come from conversation–but my ideal mentee will also stand up for what they want their book to be. It isn’t my book–it’s theirs–and it’s important that my mentee’s vision for the book is upheld throughout. My ideal mentee will also be a strong writer on the line-level (since I’m best suited to mentor someone who needs structural big picture edits over line edits). I would also love to work with a marginalized author, especially a disabled author and/or someone in the LGBTQIA community.


Things I would love to see in SFF:

  • First and foremost, I want to see queer books in my inbox! Every letter in the LGBTQIA+ acronym is on my wishlist, so if you’re writing anything queer in any SFF subgenre, I’m interested in seeing it! Please, don’t self reject if you’re worried your book isn’t “queer enough.” I’ve had that doubt myself about my own books and I’ve chosen mentees in previous rounds who self rejected because of this, so please please submit to me!
  • Magic that feels like science or has a strong internal logic system
  • Science that exudes the whimsy or wonder of magic (like alchemy!)
  • Weird stuff
  • Seriously if you think your book might be too weird I would like to see it
  • Anything that can comp to Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Characters with strong passions/hobbies
  • Characters with ambition (I tend to prefer princess who absolutely want to be princesses over princesses who don’t, but also I love a swamp gremlin who wants to be a princess too)
  • Boy characters who are allowed to be emotional
  • ownvoices Jewish inspired fantasy
  • Found family narratives
  • Complicated friendship stories
  • If your book has an aromantic or asexual character, I want to see it!
  • Characters who GARDEN or books set in a GARDEN or just no book at all but you just send me an actual GARDEN
  • If your book has the same /level/ of energy as Gideon the Ninth, I want it (like I know Gideon is a tough comp, so I don’t need you to be writing goth necromancers in space, but just like… if your ideas are deeply wild and weird and you present them with confidence and authority, I’ll be on board)
  • Any book that could be described with the tagline “be gay, do crime”
  • A trans or enby narrative set in a high fantasy world (I would loooove to read an ownvoices trans knight book)
  • Disabled and neurodivergent characters (written by disabled and neurodivergent authors!)
  • Retellings but make them gay (or bi or trans or lesbian or ace or…)
  • Books that have a strong aesthetic/vibe
  • Humor! I love jokes, I love puns, I love snark! Let’s gooo!
  • Writing that makes me want to lie down because it’s so good
  • Marginalized reimaginings of basically any trope (give me the queer take on dystopian matchmaking, give me a non-westernized space opera, give me a story about a fat princess punching the patriarchy in the face, give me disabled characters surviving the apocalypse… etc. Reclaim the stories that have never centered someone like you <3)
  • Writing with strong narrative confidence (this might sound weird, but what I mean by this is prose that feels purposeful, whether it’s super straightforward or super stylistic.)


  • Books with an alpha male love interest
  • Books with an allo/cis/het villain romance
  • Books that center romance over plot
  • Books that have sexual assault in them (Please don’t send these to me, as it’s a personal trigger. Thanks!)
  • Characters with eating disorders (again, this is a personal trigger I would rather not see)
  • Books about angels and demons
  • Books where the queers get buried (unless you’re writing historical fiction where the queers canonically die a la song of achilles or something)
  • Books where a girl must disguise herself as a boy in a super cis way without addressing it through a non-binary lens and without discussion about queerness and transness etc.
  • Books where sex/romance is treated as necessary or universal
  • As a Jewish person, I’m not the best fit for holocaust narratives (the cultural trauma is just too strong with my family) but I would be open to WWII narratives centering Jewish characters by an ownvoices writer as long as the story doesn’t strongly hinge on tragedy and hits other MSWL items for me.


Books: Howl’s Moving Castle, The Night Circus, Wilder Girls, Song of Achilles, The Bone Houses, Murderbot Diaries, Every Heart a Doorway, The House in the Cerulean Sea, Dread Nation, The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, Raybearer, Mask of Shadows, Beyond the Ruby Veil, Down Comes the Night

Movies: Treasure Planet, Princess Mononoke, Oceans 8, Mad Max: Fury Road… idk I’m not a big movie person. The last movie I saw in theaters was CATS and the last GOOD movie I saw in theaters was Thor: Ragnarok… so… make of that what you will, I guess…

TV: She-Ra, Schitt’s Creek, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The West Wing, Galavant, GBBO, Full Metal Alchemist (if you can comp to this plz i am begging you)

Video Games: Dragon Age, Final Fantasy (especially X-2, bite me), Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Spiritfarer, every single game in the Tales of series, every game supergiant has released (and if you can comp to any of them omg please), Overcooked

If you take anything from these lists, understand my fav video games are probably most reflective of my taste ESPECIALLY when it comes to genreblending.