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Rosiee Thor is a YA speculative fiction author with a degree in medieval history, and a superhuman love for bread. She spends most of her time hiding from the Oregon rain and trying to persuade her cat to love her.

I began writing YA as a teen, and though none of it was any good, I got in lots of practice! By the time I was ready to query, I’d written three full novels, a handful of short stories, and a trunk full of plot bunnies. I was selected for Pitch Wars in 2016 where I learned to love revising (seriously, it’s my fav), and I signed with my agent a few months later, and she sold my debut to Scholastic this past January.

Aside from mentoring in AMM Rounds 3 and 4, I’ve worked as an academic mentor professionally for five years, helping college students and GED students with their essays, and I was mentored in Pitch Wars 2016. Additionally, I am an intern for a literary agent, so I understand what agents are looking for from the other side of the screen, and weirdly queries are a particular love of mine, so I’ve been able to help friends hone theirs to snag great agents too!

Being mentored in 2016 changed the trajectory of my career, and made me the writer I am today. Learning from someone with more experience, who knew the ins and outs of the industry, was just the tip of the iceberg, though. The mentor/mentee relationship is something I cherish with my mentor, who continues to give me advice (and sometimes doodles of ghosts) to this day, and I hope to give the same kind of experience to another writer. I’ve enjoyed every second of working with my other AMM mentees so far, and I can’t wait to meet my next mentee!

Send me fresh SFF and historical–bonus points if it’s queer

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi, Historical
  • Own Voices

For Science Fiction, give me your space books!! I love space opera, space fantasy, all the space books! I also don’t mind an earth setting, but I tend to go for less familiar world building and lean away from contemporary settings. I’d love some girls in STEM, characters who are competitive and ambitious in their scientific pursuits, and maybe some explosions!

For Fantasy, I prefer second world over contemporary fantasy, and I tend to gravitate toward political themes. I love big dresses and masquerade balls, but prefer them with a murdery twist. I’m also a big fan of historical fantasy and alternate history, but I do like my HF grounded in the time period or place it’s set in a major way.

For Historical, I am only open to pre-1950s narratives. I studied medieval history, so I have a soft spot for that period–and a little expertise–but most of all, I like my historical atmospheric in that it could not be set in any other time or any other place. The closer you get to modern time, the more I need the story rooted strongly in the events of the time, and the pickier I get.

I’d also be interested to see anything that blends the genre boundaries. Science Fantasy is my jam, and I love when the intersections of magic/science/religion come together. Anything you might describe with the suffix “punk,” and I’m sold. I love science that acts like magic or magic systems built like science and religions built with both magic and science in mind. Send me your witches in space, your magician nuns/monks/rabbis (for the love of all things good in this world someone send me a Jewish Fantasy), or your vampire chemists! GO!

Tropes I love: Slow burn relationships! Give me your enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, and enemies to friends! I don’t need a romantic subplot to love a book, and often enjoy friendship or family centered books even more! I love retellings with a fresh twist and classic stories retold to be LGBTQIA inclusive (please please!!!)

Tropes I hate: There aren’t many tropes I don’t like, if they’re done well or in a fresh and interesting way, but I tend to steer away from princesses who don’t want to be princesses and girls who must disguise themselves as boys to break through social constructs (Although I would consider this for historical submissions or if this is a set-up to explore non-binary gender identities or queerness).


  • Edit Letter (Big Picture developmental feedback)
  • Line edit (dropping notes into a Word Document)
  • Skype or phone call
  • Freestyle in chat

I’d like to start with a big-picture edit, looking at structure, characters, pacing etc. I’m a big believer in rewriting as revising, and I’ve got some handy spreadsheets in my arsenal. Second, I’ll do another read for line edits and smaller scale issues. Throughout the process, I’ll aim to be available in whatever capacity my mentee needs/wants. I’m not afraid of the telephone or skype, but I know some people don’t like them, so whatever my mentee’s preferred method of communication works fine for me, and their comfort is most important.

Is you!! Just kidding (or am I?) My ideal mentee is willing to make big revisions. I’m a big believer in rewriting as revising, so I will expect my mentee to be willing to rewrite the entire book, if need be. I also hope my mentee will be open to brainstorming and discussion–the best ideas come from conversation–but on the flip side, my ideal mentee will stand up for what they want their book to be. It isn’t my book–it’s theirs–and it’s important that my mentee’s vision for the book is upheld throughout.


SEND ME YOUR QUEERS!!! My #1 MSWL is for books centering queer characters. I would love to see something with an f/f romance, or an aromantic or asexual character.

I’m also hoping to see:

  • Political fantasy that centers someone other than royalty. Give me Fantasy Hamilton vs. Burr, or Fantasy centering a protest movement (I’m fine with royalty also, but I prefer princesses who WANT power over princesses who don’t want to be princesses)
  • Sci fi with a ragtag band of idiots–I mean heroes. Think SIX OF CROWS in space
  • Doctor protagonists
  • Any classic or fairytale retold as queer
  • Angry girls, ruthless girls, girls getting revenge
  • Soft boys
  • Sister stories/stories with central family relationships or a found family
  • Strong platonic friendships given equal weight to romantic relationships
  • Jewish Fantasy (ownvoices preferred)
  • Narratives centering performers (dancers, theatre troupes, musicians, circus etc.)
  • Enemies to friends/lovers–I would LOVE to see something centering two rivals who must work together or who fall in love or who grow to respect each other in the exact moment before one of them sets the other one on fire
  • Muurrrrrrderrrrrr
  • Magic in space
  • Alchemy!
  • Protagonists with unusual vocations
  • Please consider sending me your work if you are an LGBTQIA identifying author. I would love to support you, whether you are writing ownvoices or not. If you or your book is queer but you’re worried it may not be “queer enough,” please send it to me! I had the same fears about my own book early on, and I cannot stress this enough–you are enough, your book is enough, and your stories matter! <3

If you don’t see your book on my list, THAT’S OKAY! If you think we’d be a good fit, please don’t self reject. Above all, I’m looking for a mentee with strong writing and a drive to learn.


  • Traditional love triangles (exception if they’re queer!)
  • Holocaust narratives or books centered on antisemitism (unless you are writing Jewish ownvoices)
  • Tragic queer narratives (I’m okay with queer characters dying IF their death isn’t for shock value, they aren’t the only queer character, and the book does have a HEA for the other queer characters. Also ok if you are writing ownvoices)
  • Nothing to do with eating disorders or please!
  • No dystopian societies set up around breeding/arranged marriage
  • No sexual assault or rape narratives. It has a place, and books that address it are important, but I’m not the right mentor for it. If you have sexual violence of any kind in your book and you want to sub me, you must be willing to cut it if we end up working together. This is a dealbreaker for me, so if you don’t want to let it go, I’m not the right mentor for you.

Some authors I love are Marie Lu, Diana Wynne Jones, Linsey Miller, Kiersten White, Beth Revis, Leigh Bardugo, Gail Carriger, Holly Black

My top three fav movies are Mad Max: Fury Road, Princess Mononoke, and Mean Girls. Make of that what you will.

Oh and uh. Star Wars. Big Emotions about Star Wars <3

I will die on the hill of Avatar: The Last Airbender (Zutara or death) and Korra, and I can’t stop re-watching The West Wing and Full Metal Alchemist. If you can comp to any of these (lol good luck with TWW) I want to see it!

I also love video games–like Dishonored and Dragon Age–but have no time to play them.