Who This Program Is For


Writers with a complete and revised (at least one full pass, no rough drafts here!) YA manuscript between 50k-120k words or MG manuscript between 25K-60K words.

Who also have a completed query letter draft to submit with their partial and synopsis

Someone currently unagented who has never been traditionally published, who has not queried an excessive number of agents for the manuscript they are submitting. Excessive = more than half the number of agents you can realistically query for your work.

Someone willing to take feedback and revise their manuscript

How To Apply

Round 5 submissions are now closed.

To apply:

  1. Fill out the submission form (after it becomes available)
  2. Submit your query package to the Author Mentor Match email

Mentors will choose their Round 5 mentees by October 31, 2018. Each will contact their mentee and begin mentoring soon after.

Once submissions open, in addition to completing the form, please also submit:

  • A query (in the body of the email!)
  • The first 50 pages/3 chapters of your novel (whichever is longer)
  • A 1-2 page synopsis

The partial (50 pages or 3 chapters) and synopsis can be sent as attachments to your query email, but please ensure your query is in the body of the email. This is very important.

In your subject line, please include your genre + title. (ie: YA Sci-Fi – TITLE). You can include additional information but ensure the core is present. If you don’t follow this format it will annoy us. Don’t annoy us, please. (using this subject line format helps us find/sort your entry in our inboxes)

Sample email subjects:

  • YA Fantasy – FROSTBLOOD
  • YA Sci-Fi retelling – BRIGHTLY BURNING (Jane Eyre in space)
  • YA Contemporary – YOU DON’T KNOW ME BUT I KNOW YOU (ownvoices)

Mentees must submit both their query package (query + partial + synopsis) as well as a submission form to be considered. When you email us, you will receive a confirmation email. If any part of your application is incomplete, we will email you to request the missing pieces.