Author Mentor Match
Success Stories


AMM Round 2
Agent: Erica Bauman (Aevitas Creative)
Mentor: Rebecca Barrow

Maggie says: “I was on book five by the time I found Author Mentor Match. Rebecca was the first person to “get” my book the way everyone always dreams someone will, and she completely revived my love for it. We went through a couple rounds of revision, and a few months later I had multiple offers! Becky was there for me every step of the way, and now that I’m in revision with my agent, she’s still there whenever I need her. This book wouldn’t have been THE book without AMM!”


AMM Round 2
Agent: Elana Roth Parker (Laura Dail)
Mentor: Judy Lin

Deeba says: “My experience with Judy was exactly what I needed. Her suggestions were smart, her direct explanations spot on and her willingness to get online and chat with me whenever I needed was the perfect balance of support and letting me find my path through edits. I’m so glad to have been a part of AMM!”


AMM Round 1
Agent: Molly Ker Hawn (Bent Agency)
Mentor: Emily Bain Murphy

Gita says: “A few days before the first round of Author Mentor Match mentees were chosen, I got an email from the organizers asking—very nicely—how I felt about big revisions? The chance to work hard and improve my manuscript was the reason I applied to to AMM, so of course I said yes. My mentor was incredibly generous in both her feedback and her enthusiasm for my manuscript. I revised and revised and revised.

Fast-forward six months—with help from my mentor and members of the AMM community, I started querying. Within a few weeks, I had six offers of representation. I feel incredibly lucky to have found a great agent and be starting this next part of my writing journey. And I would never have got here without AMM. Thank you!”


AMM Round 1
Agent: Kristin Nelson (Nelson Literary)
Mentor: Axie Oh

Swati says: “After going through a round of deep revisions with Axie I participated in #DVPit and found my agent, Kristin Nelson of Nelson Literary Agency, through it. Author Mentor Match was a crucial part of my journey and gave me a wonderful mentor and community who I still keep in contact with today–two other AMM alumni are now my CPs and I couldn’t be more grateful. As for Axie, I still thank my lucky stars she chose my manuscript and fell in love with those characters. Her input and guidance was invaluable and I couldn’t have done it without her.”


AMM Round 1
Agent: Holly Root (Root Literary)
Mentor: Alexa Donne

India says: “Alexa and Mary Elizabeth were a dream to work with. Mary Elizabeth gave concise, intentional feedback about my manuscript that really helped me pull everything together. I’ve worked with Alexa extensively on crafting my newest manuscript that landed me an agent. I would recommend AMM to any writers who are serious about becoming authors one day, and making lifelong writer friends along the way!”


AMM Round 1
Agent: Roz Foster (Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency)
Mentor: Katelyn Larson

Crystal says: “Not only did Katelyn’s revisions help me make my book the best it could be, but her support and advice has been invaluable as I signed with my agent. Katelyn has guided me through each step of the process and always makes herself available for any questions I have about the industry.”