Author Mentor Match is pleased to announce our first (hopefully semi-annual!) CP Match event! We get asked all the time how to find good critique partners, and we’ve recommended the AMM hopeful community many times. It finally ocurred to us: why not do something official?

We’ll be hosting the first AMM CP Match on Twitter on Thursday, October 24. We hope all the great matches to come from it will help writers prepare for AMM Round 7, which opens mentee applications in February 2020. But even if you’re not planning on entering AMM, this CP Match event is for you! Everyone is welcome.

How to participate

#YA On October 24 tweet out a short book pitch using the #AMMCPMatch hashtag, as well as any applicable category/genre hashtags.

Your short pitch should give a sense of the story concept, conflict, and stakes OR a high concept with great comps. It’s NOT an agent pitch, so you can be as formal/informal as you want–say whatever you think will make your book sound appealing.

The category and genre hashtags will be important for people to know where your story lands, so they know if you’re a good fit.

You can also include information on your CP style, including:

#BPE: Big Picture Edits
#LE: Line Edits
#CE: Copy Edits
#BST: Brainstorming
#CR: Cheerleader reader
#BH: Brutal honesty

If you see a project you think you’d be a good CP fit for, respond to that tweet and start communication! We highly recommend exchanging sample chapters/more information out of what you’re looking for in a CP before committing to a whole manuscript.

You can use as many or as few hashtags as you like. Say as much or as little as you want–long pitch, short pitch, lots of hashtags or few. Use whatever information will best get across what your book is/what someone might get from you as a CP. You’re also welcome to include aesthetics, links to more information, such as on your blog, etc.

Sample tweets:

#YA #SF Jane Eyre in space! Looking for #BPE #BH #BST & #CR & can offer same. 96K words, for fans of CINDER or THESE BROKEN STARS. #Retelling #Rom #AMMCPMatch

#CPMatch Each year in Panem 2 kids from each district are selected to fight to the death in the Arena. When Katniss’ sister’s name is pick, Katniss volunteers as Tribute. Let the games begin. #YA #Dys

THIS SIDE OF HOME + ON MY BLOCK. It takes a break-in at a beloved local shop for Chinelo to realize her neighborhood is changing, being gentrified right before her eyes. She must adapt to the morphing landscape of the place she loves, or risk being left behind. #YA #AMMCPMatch

#AMMCPMatch 16yo Saorsa has big dreams of going to uni, just like her late granddad. But in the poverty of post-WWII Scotland, she can’t afford it. Her plan? Catch the legendary monster hiding in the loch, claim the dying wish it grants, & leave village life behind. #YA #Hist




Hashtag Guidelines

Main hashtag is #AMMCPMatch

Category tags

#PB: Picture Book
#CB: Chapter Book
#MG: Middle Grade
#YA: Young Adult
#NA: New Adult
#A: Adult

Genre tags

#Con: Contemporary
#Fan: Fantasy
#SF: Sci-fi
#UF: Urban fantasy
#PF: Paranormal fantasy
#Thrill: Thriller
#DomS: Domestic Suspense
#Hor: Horror
#Rom: Romance
#Dys: Dystopian
#Hist: Historical Fiction
#HRom: Historical Romance
#HFan: Historical Fantasy
#LF: Literary Fiction
#WF: Women’s Fiction
#Retelling: Retelling

Additional Tags

#OWN: Ownvoices book
#POC: Author is a person o color
#DIS: Disability subject matter
#MH: Mental health subject matter
#ND: Neurodiverse subject matter
#NaNo: Participating in NaNo

*You are welcome to be more specific!