The Author Mentor Match submission window is looming near and it’s time to polish that submission package to shining. AMM is an amazing opportunity for finished YA and MG manuscripts and the chance to work with an agented writer who will help you rise to the next level in your craft—and hopefully your career. What’s more, you’ll get to join a community of people at the same level in their journey. The AMM Family.

Current mentees are ready to help you get there! We’re offering giveaway for a query + first page critique to lucky AMM hopefuls. Get a sneak peek of what it’s like to be a mentee and work with the community you might join!

To Enter

Submit your NAME, EMAIL, CATEGORY (YA or MG), and GENRE* via this Google Form

*Please choose the genre closest to your manuscript. IE: Contemporary, Fantasy, Romance, etc.

Enter by MIDNIGHT, MARCH 1st

Winners announced MARCH 4th

While you’re waiting for the giveaway results and the submission window to open, join our community of hopefuls and current mentees on Twitter and/or Facebook. We’re active on the hashtags #AMMParty and #AMMFam, and encourage hopefuls to post an #AMMConnect blog about themselves and their WIP to let prospective mentors and other hopefuls to get to know you better. Check out more information about that here. And lastly, make sure to subscribe to the AMM newsletter for the latest updates, plus craft advice and success stories from the AMM Family.

Listen to what current mentees have to say about their AMM experience!

“Author Mentor Match has completely changed my life for the better. In less than a year, it has improved my writing beyond words, taught me how to meet personal deadlines, and helped me revise quickly and efficiently… But perhaps the best part of all, it helped me create an amazing, lasting relationship with my mentor.”

Alex Higgins

Agent: Kiki Nguyen, Donald Maas Literary, Winter 2016 Mentee, Mentor: Kayla Olson

“I can’t believe how lucky I am to be a part of the AMM community. Mine and all the mentors, my fellow mentees—we all work together to help each other reach our goals. And to have that for the length of a career? That’s incredible.”

Alexandria Sturtz

Spring 2017 Mentee, Mentor: Kevin van Whye

“Gail is an awesome mentor… I’ve learned so much about the industry and have met such a great group of friends as we go through this together. My writing and confidence have grown so much. You’ve just got to join the family!”

Michelle Fohlin

Winter 2017 Mentee, Mentor: Gail Villanueva

“Author Mentor Match… gave me a mentor that supports me through it all. My mentor is always there to rant to, celebrate with, and guide me through everything. I couldn’t be happier with my experience!”

Maggie Soares

Agent: Erica Bauman, Aevitas Creative, Winter 2016 Mentee, Mentor: Rebecca Barrow

“I am so thankful for my AMM mentor’s long-term investment in my career! She’s always there to cheer or console me during the ups and downs.”

Alyssa Colman

Spring 2017 Mentee, Mentor: Alexa Donne

“Author Mentor Match taught me so many valuable things, but the number one thing I gained was confidence. Being selected really showed me that there was a spark, something special about my writing. During the times when I felt like my words were falling flat, the knowledge that my mentors chose me helped push me through those doubts. When I finish my edits, I am so excited to query. I feel confident in myself, and in my work.”

Tara Tsai

Winter 2017 Mentee, Mentors: Austin Siegemund-Broka & Emily Wibberley

“My mentor was absolutely amazing in helping me transform and polish my manuscript. But aside from craft, I’ve gained so many new friends from this experience, which is priceless to me. The mentors and mentees I’ve met have truly become my #AMMFamily and I’m so fortunate to be a part [of it].”

Terry J. Benton

Spring 2017 Mentee, Mentor: Bree Barton

“I earned an amazing, talented, dedicated mentor, who knew exactly what to do with my MS to make it the best it can be. And guess what?? She’s in it for the long haul! … And one of the best parts: the community… We have become a close loving group of friends who belong to the AMM family… I am so grateful to AMM and Alexa for this once in a lifetime opportunity for high quality mentorship.”

Erika Cruz

Winter 2017 Mentee, Mentor: Maura Milan

The AMM Mentee Critique Giveaway is organized for AMM by Alexandria Sturtz. Alexandria is a current AMM mentee writing YA fantasy and living abroad in South Korea. When she’s not teaching, she can be found stuffing her face or traipsing off to new places, often at the same time.