The submission window for the AMM Mentee Critique Giveaway closed on Friday, September 22. And this weekend, we drew the winners, pairing them with current AMM mentees! This was done using a random number generator and matching hopefuls with mentees who write or critique in their genre and category.

We had over 100 entries into the giveaway—which is incredible—and 51 critiques available for hopefuls. Almost every mentee offered to give two critiques each because we know the value of giving back to the writing community and our love for this program is limitless. Thank you so much to all those who signed up and have faith in us to help you. It is an honor to work with you all!

What to do now? Mentees should be sending you an e-mail in the next day or three, outlining how to send them your materials and ready to dig in. Please understand, mentees are only required to give you feedback once, and whether or not they are willing to see revisions is up to each individual mentee.

Thank you again for trusting us with your words. Good luck and happy writing!


Crystal Seitz
Vanessa Peay, Cal
Jennifer Lane
M. Von, Meg Eden
Tanvi Berwah
Maria Hossain, Begüm Shahin
Jessica Kim
Ellen Mulholland, Martha Guarisco
Gretchen Schreiber
Emma Yeo, Alyssa Purcell
Alex Higgins
Rachel Thijssen, Alyssa Eatherly
Alexandria Sturtz
Erika Winterlia, AJ Rieser
Lyla Lawless
Gaby Dinh, Allie Penn
Ashley Darling
Heba Elsherief, Stephanie Brubaker
Whitney Wyckoff
Margaret McManis
Risto Snow
Leah Bailey, Auriane Desombre
Maggie Soares
Anna Orridge, Nicky Nicholson-Klingerman
Verna Austen
Chelsea Ichaso, McLeod Thompson
Alyssa Colman
Sarah Harrington, Jamie Forgacs
Sarah Kapit
Eileen Donovan, Zachary DiGirolamo
Terry Benton
Ali Labdon, Amanda Meekhael
Sarah Simon
Mocha Von Bruen, Laura McFadden
Renee Ito
James Gettys II, Lisa Gold
Heather Anne Harwood
Michelle Baribeau Milton, Maria Mainero
Melissa Call
Lee VanBrakle, Laura Chipchase
Dana Black
Bridgette Johnson, Sahana Thirumazhusai
Kelly Barina
Caroline Carmack, Stuart White
Deeba Zargarpur
Leslie Wibberley, Athena Freya Greyson
Christine Calella
Angela Williams, Kelsey Simon
Sarah Brubaker
Lauren Fobbs, Abix Jacobs
Katie Kingman
Dorothea Gioe, Trish Smyth