We are pleased to announce the official mentor selections for Author Mentor Match Round 4! Like every round before, we had so much talent in the inbox, and it was so hard to choose. Congratulations to everyone selected. If you don’t see your name/book on this list, unfortunately you have not been selected by a mentor.

Many mentors will be sending personalized feedback to those who were not chosen. Please give them a few weeks to do so. If you were not selected, we encourage you to continue to work on your books and submit to a future round. There are new mentors in every round, and mentorship is all about finding the right fit! Every round, mentees are selected who did not make it in previous rounds. Look for Round 5 of AMM in the Fall of 2018.


Ben Guterson David Brown GHOST OF THE GRAND OLE OPRY MG Magical Realism
Beth Turley Daphne Higbee AMERIXICANA MG Contemporary
Dana Mele Suja Sukumar TARNISHED YA Thriller
Heather Kassner Mary Johnson THE FOREST OF BEATING HEARTS MG Dark Fantasy
Jamie Krakover Emily K. Thiede PARCHED YA Sci-Fi
Joshua Levy Jenny Pearson DANIEL STRANGE & THE PRIME MINISTER'S P.L.O.P. Humorous "Spy" MG
Paige Cober Tana J. Mills THE DARKNESS WITHIN YA Fantasy
Saadia Faruqi Reba Khatun MY OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL MG Contemporary
Sarah Kapit Ivelisse Housman MIA MONTGOMERY'S MAGICAL MENAGERIE MG Contemporary Fantasy
Tae Keller Sylvia Liu JACKED MG Sci-Fi


Alex Higgins Katie Wyler CURSES OF GOLD YA Fantasy
Amanda Foody Haley Sullivan THE MUSEUM YA Fantasy
Amelia Diane Coombs Britney Shae FEARLESS YA Contemporary
Cassandra Frances Alexandra H. Negrón WICKED LETTERS YA Southern Gothic
Christine Lynn Herman Allison Saft DOWN COMES THE NIGHT YA Fantasy
Deeba Zargarpur Marina Liu THE DEATH I GAVE HIM YA Sci-Fi
Emily A. Duncan Jessica Grace Kelley MERCY KILLERS YA Fantasy
Emily Skrutskie Rose Egal THE SEVENFOLD YA Sci-Fi
Emma Theriault Jen Castleberry BEGGARS SEVEN YA Fantasy
Erin Hahn Hazel Ureta HEARTBREAK SEASON YA Contemporary
Jaime Olin Linnea Garcia OUT LIKE A LAMB YA Contemporary
Jaime Olin
YA Contemporary
Jaime Questell Grace Shim BEING LIKED YA Contemporary
Jennieke Cohen Kimberly Bea SIX EASY STEPS TO BECOMING AN ORACLE YA Contemporary Fantasy
Jennifer Lane Amalie Jahn PHOEBE UNFIRED YA Contemporary
Jodie Lynn Zdrok Maria McDaniel THE YELLOW GIRL YA Supernatural Thriller
Judy Lin Pym Thanassakorn BREATHE LIFE YA Contemporary
Julia Ember Carly Whetter THE BONE DEBT YA Fantasy
Julia Lynn Rubin Zachary DiGirolamo THE CLANDESTINE FOREST YA Fantasy
Kalyn Josephson Sofia Fionda EVEN THE MOUNTAINS TREMBLE YA Fantasy
Kevin van Whye Joanne Weaver A GAME OF MAGIC YA Historical Fantasy
Kim Smejkal Lyndall Clipstone AT THE LAKE'S EDGE YA Fantasy
Lora Beth Johnson Alyssa Capel THE WINTER KING YA Fantasy
Maggie Soares Rachel Feinberg HORROR ANIME GIRL YA Contemporary
Rebecca Barrow Carlyn Greenwald FIVE OVER THE SPEED LIMIT YA Contemporary
Rebecca Phillips Joan F. Smith THE HALF-ORPHAN'S HANDBOOK YA Contemporary
Rory Power Kara Kennedy GHOSTS WE KEEP ALIVE YA Contemporary Fantasy
Rosiee Thor Emily Grey Feldman WEAVE A WORLD WITHOUT YOU YA Fantasy
Rosiee Thor Katherine Hillis NOTHING BUT DUST AND STARS YA Sci Fi
Sadie Blach Marisa Urgo RIPPED YA Contemporary
Sam B. Farkas Tabatha Duckworth LUCID YA Historical Fantasy
Sophie Gonzales Rebecca Weiger IN THE SPIRIT OF LETTING GO YA Paranormal
Tiana Smith Rose de Guzman ON THIN ICE YA Contemporary