After an extension, the deadline for the AMM Mentee Critique Giveaway closed on Saturday, March 3, and we received over 100 entries! All of us are blown away and excited for this round of Author Mentor Match. Even before we had so many enter, our current mentees banded together to bring as many critiques as we could. We’re happy to announce we are offering over 70 critiques!

Our process was simple. Once the entry window closed, we used a random number generator to choose our winners. Then we matched each hopeful to a mentee critiquing their genre and category. Each of them is excited to work with their hopefuls and whip that query and first page into shape. We love this program and cannot wait to give back!

What to do now? Mentees will e-mail winners by Monday, outlining how to send them materials and ready to dig in. Please understand, mentees are only required to give you feedback once on your query and first page (~250 words), and whether or not they are willing to see revisions is up to each individual mentee.

Thank you again for trusting us with your words. Good luck and happy writing!

*Sincerest apologies if your name is misspelled.


Alex Higgins Vanessa Paey, Samantha Stewart
Alexandria Sturtz Kimberly Bea, Amren Ortega
Alyssa Colman Athena Greyson
Angela Caldwell Vivyan Lynne
Ashley Darling Rochele Smit, Anisaa Diggins
Bridgette Johnson Jennifer Crippen
Britt Singleton Nessa
Bronwen Fleetwood Kristen Boswell
Chelsea Ichaso Kathryn Masterson, Lyric Shard, Shanah Salter
Dakota Shain Byrd Grace Prince, Stephanie L. Ward, Wendy Blankenship
Debra Spiegel Alicia Canet, Cat Knarr
E.L Norry Blake Parker, Jordan Green
Elisabeth Funk Parris Sheets
Emily Beck Tiffany Lea Elmer, Avalynn Lewis
Erika Cruz Sophia
Graci Goldhart Hetal Avanee
Gretchen Schreiber Lindsay Puckett, Rachel Faturoti
Heather Anne Harwood Jessica Froberg, Gail Kellner
Heidi Christopher Hannah Zeeb, Alice Cross, Alyssa Eatherly
Jodi Gallegos Michelle Bryceland, Danielle Wicks
Jordan Marisa Kelly Erinn Salge, Hollie Elliot, Jeanne Becijos
Julie Abe Elsie Malyon
Kate Havas Shannon McLatchey Balloon
Katie Kingman Jillian Foley, Chesea George
Laura Kadner Tim Collins, Grace Shim
Leanne Schwartz Allison Saft
Lindsey Meredith Shayna Grissom
Lorna Riley Michelle Baribeau Milton
Louisa Onome Rayyan Dabbous, Britney Brouwer
Lucy Hallowell Gretchen Bassier, Sanyukta Thakare
Lyla Lawless Lisa Gold, Natalia Leigh
Michelle Fohlin AJ Vanderhorst, Ellie Lock, Sarah Eunice Kirkpatrick
Renee Ito Tigest Negussie
Sarah Harrington Kait Sykes, Elizabeth Banden, Loie Dunn
Sarah Pripas-Kapit Sasha Thomad
Sarah Simon Diamond Wortham, Briana Johnson
Sarah Suk Nik Zamplas, Angela M. Sanchez
Susan Lee Caitie Peterson
Tanvi Berwah Jenna Streety, Courtney Lefebvre
Tara Tsai Zachary DiGirolamo
Tasha Christensen Maria Linn
Terry Benton M. Von, Stephanie Miraglia
Verna Austen Jenny Pearson, Bryant Burkhardt