Miriam Kriss

YA contemporary, sci-fi/fantasy

Ayesha was born in colorful Gujarat India, raised in Texas, and now wanders nearby Hawaiian beaches for the next breathtaking picture. With a love for literary things, diversity, culture, and food, she intends on stepping foot in as many corners of the world as time allows. Her head is always in the clouds but she occasionally comes back down to earth to pen her next multicultural piece of adult and YA fiction.

I am agented and published, a PitchWars mentor, and a professional and freelance editor for aspiring authors, the local newspaper, and HuffingtonPost Hawaii.

I’d like to find diversity, an “ownvoices”, but something that is not forced. I love imagination, so create a magical world with extraordinary characters and amazing circumstances.
I would love to see in adult and YA: contemporary romance, historical fantasy, and science fiction.
I am detailed and fast, and expect my mentee to be as well.. I will provide an editorial letter breaking down the major components, and TrackChanges with minor and major suggestions. We can discuss and brainstorm, but we have to be a team. I give, and you give. I’m open to phone conversations, although I’m partial to emails.
Someone who is quick, honest, kind, thorough, a hard worker and researcher, is going to put in the hours, open to suggestions and brainstorming, is able to see the bigger picture, isn’t easily offended (thick skin, even though I’m nice, plan to work out the kinks), and good with communication.
Westworld, TWD, The Lunar Chronicles, Red Queen, Leigh Bardugo, RR Martin, Shelle Sumners, culture, food, nerdy stuff, travel, and long walks on the beach.

Space opera, epic fantasy, high concept.