Rena Rossner
YA contemporary

Random House/Crown BFYR
October 17, 2017

Nic Stone was born and raised in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, and the only thing she loves more than an adventure is a good story about one. After graduating from Spelman College, she worked extensively in teen mentoring and lived in Israel for a few years before returning to the US to write full-time. Growing up with a wide range of cultures, religions, and backgrounds, Stone strives to bring these diverse voices and stories to her work. Stone lives in Atlanta with her husband and two sons. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @getnicced or on her website
I’ve done some query critiques/tweaks that boosted full request rates, and I do a LOT of sensitivity reading.
I’m really just looking to be of service to someone the way others have been of service to me. I would love to find writing I fall head over feet for, relaying a story that makes me think and feel things so I can shout about it to everyone I know.
Would love to see characters of color–especially those with brown skin–in fantasy or adventure novels. Bring on the Magical Realism as well. Also have a soft spot for issue novels as well as high concept contemporary–aka contemporary novels that can be summarized in a single sentence (i.e. – Girl finds old gun buried in her backyard, and upon further investigation discovers it belongs to a man who’s been missing for 16 years. The police won’t take her seriously, so she sets out to crack the cold case herself… but the truth calls everything she knows into question.). And FUNNY! I love FUNNY! Not right fit for books with romance as the central plot.
I read VERY closely. Mentee will receive broad editorial notes in the body of an email with an annotated manuscript (using comments in Microsoft Word) attached. Most notes within the document will be in the form of questions that arise as I read. Outside of grammar, spelling, and punctuation, I won’t make changes to the actual text.
This is going to sound harsh, but someone with thick skin who cares more about making their manuscript the best it can be than they care about protecting their ego.
Andrew Smith books are the kind of Contemporary YA I love most. Just sayin.