DongWon Song

YA sci-fi

Simon Pulse
November 2017

Emily Suvada was born in Australia, where she spent her childhood reading, writing, and watching Star Trek. In college, she studied math and astrophysics, and went on to a career in finance before finding her way back to her first love—books.

Today, Emily lives in Portland, OR, with her husband, and still spends most of her free time reading, writing, and watching Star Trek. She also enjoys cooking, coding, powerlifting, hiking, and art. Her interests include AI, nanotech, virtual worlds, space travel, and genetic engineering.

I studied science? I know lots of awesome science terms and can help with the time travel paradox issues in your manuscript. Or explain why that algae can eat through metal. Or why cats can see in the dark. Basically if you have nerdy stuff in your book, I can help with it 😀

Your work is unique and exciting, but it’s still commercial. You know what IFL Science stands for, and you agree. You’ve got big dreams and you’re not ashamed of them. I’ll probably suggest revisions to your work, maybe big ones, and I’ll be a resource for questions about the publishing process.


I’m a very honest critique partner, but I’m also supportive. I will be quite editorial on the big-picture issues like plot, pacing, motivations and structure, but I’m not going to polish your line-by-line writing, or help with tone/voice.

I’d love to work with someone who really wants to sell their book. I know you love it, you’ve crafted it carefully and put your heart into it—it’s your soul in digital form, and it’s fragile, I know—but you also know that publishing is a business, and that books are products that are made for other people. Ideally, you’re ready to look at your work through that lens with me. Or at least try to. Because that’s how I’ll be looking at it.

You already know your market, your comp titles, where your work fits in and where it stands out, but you’re looking for help to really make it sing. You know you’re going to have to write yourself out of it a little bit, and make room for the reader, but you’re looking for someone to *tell* you to do that, because it’s painful. I can be that person. You’re going to swear at me, and that’s okay.

In YA, recent faves have been ILLUMINAE & GEMINA, along with Crooked Kingdom, Ahsoka, and Uprooted. Perennial favorite writers include Laini Taylor, Amie Kaufman, Marissa Meyer, and adult SF writers like William Gibson and Paulo Bacigalupi. In TV, I like BSG, Star Trek, and The 100.

Anything and everything science-related. The harder and grittier the better. Give it to me!!!