YA sci-fi/fantasy

On Submission

Rachel Somer grew up in a small town near Toronto, Ontario where she spent her time reading fairy tales and writing stories about furry creatures from space. She fell in love with all things sci-fi and fantasy while completing her B.A. in English at York University in Toronto. She currently lives in South Korea with her husband, daughter, and two lazy cats. She still writes science fiction, but with fewer furry space beasts.

I actively critique manuscripts for both agented and un-agented authors. I love looking at the big picture and making sure those character motivations are really clear from chapter one onward. I’ve also been working in publishing (education sector) for the past four years, so I’m able to offer a lot of tips for tightening up prose and making the manuscript shine. Queries and synopses don’t scare me, so we can work on those, too!

I really want to find a gripping story that both entertains me and makes me think. I love big science fictions and even bigger fantasies with sweeping romantic subplots. I want to get sucked into a world and wish I could live in it.

I would particularly love to find a story that features neurodiverse characters. I’m also interested in non-Western settings/themes explored by ownvoices authors and authors based in non-Western countries.

YA science fiction (all sub-genres) and fantasy (epic or high fantasy preferred)

I prefer to read the entire manuscript to get a sense of the overall plot. I will leave a lot of comments, letting you know what I adored and what I thought could be improved. I don’t expect my mentee to take all my suggestions, but I hope we can brainstorm together when faced with those trickier problems.

My mentee should be open to feedback, but also willing to say no if my suggestions don’t feel right. A willingness to brainstorm and listen to me fangirl over your work is a must!

I have an eclectic mix of favorite authors. Kurt Vonnegut, Leigh Bardugo, Kresley Cole, Jane Austen, Toni Morrison, Jeanette Winterson, and Kathy Acker are just a few.

I love Sci-Fi films, and I usually won’t watch any other genre (I know, bad). Some favorites: Alien, Edge of Tomorrow, Pacific Rim, Star Wars, ET, Terminator, Interstellar, 12 Monkeys, Jurassic Park, Mad Max, Sunshine, etc.

YA science fiction or fantasy are preferred, but I also love retellings of the classics. Give me a gender-flipped Hamlet in space. Or Wuthering Heights in a fantasy setting. Folklore and myth retellings are also encouraged.

Romance is not required, but I do love a good swoony hero/heroine.

Also, I really want to see neurodiverse characters being badass in a fantasy or sci-fi setting!

I’m not the best fit for contemporary, paranormal romance, or historical.