Mentor Meredith Schorr

Melissa Edwards, Stonesong

Adult Romantic Comedy

AS SEEN ON TV (2022) Forever/Grand Central Publishing

A born and bred New Yorker and lifelong daydreamer, Meredith Schorr fueled her passion for writing everything from restaurant reviews, original birthday cards, and even work-related emails into a career penning romantic comedies. When she’s not writing books filled with grand gestures and hard-earned happily-ever-afters or working as a trademark paralegal, she’s most often reading, running, or watching TV…for research, of course.

My trade paperback romcom debut releases next year after signing with my agent in 2018. I previously published a few commercial women’s fiction novels with a small digital-only press before committing to the traditional route and signing with my agent. I queried for only two months, but the book that got me my agent died on submission. My second book on sub sold in a week at auction!

I have a lot of experience with manuscript critiques and developmental editing, both for critique partners and paid clients through my website. One of my critique partners went on to become a USA Today bestselling author and her debut was number one in Canada for months. I’ve also donated manuscript critiques for various auctions and enjoy it so much and occasionally do a call-out on Twitter for those wanting extra eyes on a query letter. Between my own (good and bad)experiences in the querying/submission/editing trenches and helping others, I’m confident I can help take your WIP to the next level!

I really enjoy helping authors take their projects to the next level, for example by suggesting ways to give a premise more of a WOW factor and help it stand out in the market, tightening the pacing, increasing tension (sexual and otherwise), fleshing out characters and more. I want to contribute to the author community in a positive way while hopefully making more friends at the same time!

I’m looking for projects in adult romantic comedy, humorous contemporary romance, and women’s fiction/romcom mashups. (Humor and romance are key for me!) I’m especially drawn to books with action that drives the story forward rather than those that live mostly in the characters thoughts and feelings. For example, Shipped by Angie Hockman, The UnHoneymooners by Christina Lauren, Matchmaking for Beginners by Maddie Dawson, The Wedding Ringer by Kerry Rea, The Charm Offensive by Amanda Cochran, The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon, and anything by Kerry Winfrey. I’m open to any heat level from “fade to black” to steamy as long as there is buildup and tension. Single or Dual POV is fine. Diverse voices/LGBTQIA are welcome! If the chemistry is there, I’m happy. Voice is what I will look for first. If I can’t connect to your writing style, we won’t be a good match. Everything else can be worked on! I care more about the story itself than tropes, although not a huge fan of Billionaires, royal stories, or secret babies.


  • Contemporary
  • Romance

I don’t typically read for tropes. It’s more important to me that you’ve added your own original spin on whatever tropes you use so it’s not the same story I’ve read before. If the characters have chemistry and the voice pulls me in, it doesn’t matter if it’s enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, second-chance romance or none of the above. My debut is none of the above! As mentioned above I don’t love royal stories or billionaires. I prefer to read about “regular every-day people” living their lives and falling in love. Although I prefer lighthearted romcoms to ones with super serious topics, I’m looking for stories with believable conflict and medium-level stakes. Examples include the books I mentioned above.



  • Edit Letter (Big Picture developmental feedback)
  • Line edit (dropping notes into a Word Document)
  • Skype or phone call
  • We can decide this together based on your preferences and our collective comfort levels.

When working with critique partners/clients In the past, I’ve provided both an edit letter where I outlined my feedback about what works/doesn’t work along with my recommendations in parts: characters, pacing, tension, etc. I’ve also marked up the manuscript itself. This is my first time officially mentoring and I would be happy to also talk over the phone/Facetime/Zoom etc.!

Someone who genuinely wants constructive feedback and is willing and excited to put in the work as opposed to someone who is looking for validation that their book is already perfect! Someone whose writing voice draws me in with a story I have a vision for making even stronger and in a better position to snag an agent and an eventual publishing deal!


  • Charming romantic comedies, humorous contemporary romances, or women’s fiction/romcom mashups that deliver on both the rom and the com with a unique writing voice.
  • Accessible writing styles driven by action and dialogue as opposed to long paragraphs of exposition/narrative.
  • I prefer conversational writing styles over poetic prose.
  • Although slow burns aren’t a requirement, I do prefer the emotional connection to come before the physical one.
  • Bring on the pining!!
  • Platonic friendships and strong familial relationships for comic relief and character development would be an added bonus.
  • Diverse voices and representation are welcome here!
  • Quirky voices in the vein of Matchmaking for Beginners, The Charm Offensive, The Bookish Life of Abby Waxman, The Love Hypothesis, Just Haven’t Met You Yet, Not Like the Movies, The Wedding Ringer, Dial A for Aunties, Ghosting: a Love Story, Shipped, The Boyfriend Project


  • I’m not a fan of sex pacts/friends with benefits type stories.
  • Sex scenes should add to the story and the development of the couple’s relationship as opposed to drive the story.
  • I don’t love alpha love interests, preferring either grumpy with soft insides or cinnamon rolls.
  • I’m not a fan of friends competing for the same love interests, insta-love stories, or reality-show stories.
  • No animals or old people should be killed off!
  • No cancer, especially leukemia as it is a trigger for me.
  • I’m happy to work on books representing chronic illness but not terminal diseases.


All the books listed in my MSWL!

TV: Schitts Creek, Hart of Dixie, Gilmore Girls, Felicity, New Girl, Ted Lasso, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Movies: You’ve Got Mail, Always Be My Maybe, Set It Up, Palm Springs, Wine Country, Bridesmaids