Mentor Paris Wynters

Tricia Skinner, Fuse Literary

Contemporary Romance

HEARTS UNLEASHED (2017) Crimson Romance
ISSUED (2020) Tule Publishing
MATCHED (2020) Tule Publishing
ASSIGNED (2021) Tule Publishing
LOVE ON THE WINTER STEPPES (2021) Tule Publishing
CALLED INTO ACTION (2021) Carina Press

Paris Wynters is a multi-racial and disabled author who writes steamy and sweet love East Coast stories that celebrate our diverse world. When she’s not dreaming up stories, she can be found assisting with disasters and helping to find missing people as a Search and Rescue K-9 handler. For fun, Paris enjoys video games, hockey, and diving into new experiences like flying planes and taking trapeze lessons.

My path to publication started out with an interest in picture books that grew to focusing on YA. I had subbed two manuscripts to mentor contests and agents, always getting requests for partials and/or fulls, but no offers ever came. My fourth manuscript was a contemporary romance. I ended up getting interest from Crimson Romance through #DVPit, and signed with the small press. When Crimson eventually closed, I once again went on submission with a new book and found my agent through #DVPit.

So it took four queried manuscripts, and I lost count of how many rejections, before I ended up with an agent. Each book taught me about craft and the business, and it’s a journey I wouldn’t change.

I have been a Pitch Wars mentor for the past four years. I was also a mentee in the Tessera Editorial program where I honed my editorial skills through workshops, assignments and mentor feedback. This experience also help me find a freelance position as a sensitivity reader for MacMillan. I work with CPs at all stages in their publishing journey. Several of my CP’s have signed with agents and sold books during the time we’ve worked together.

I don’t think I can ever say enough about how wonderful having a mentor can be. From working with one my first year of teaching to my experience with Tessera Editorial, having a mentor has improved my skills so much. And when I had the opportunity to give back as a Pitch Wars mentor I was super excited. The experience proved to be more than I ever thought and I feel I have so much to share and want to help where I can. I am truly grateful to be joining the AMM family as a mentor in another writing community.

I love the writing community and view this as a chance to give back and pass on what I have learned. I love helping others with their stories and will happily spend hours talking through plot holes and brainstorming ideas. I can’t wait to fall in love with my future mentee’s book!

As a mentor and critique partner, I focus a lot on developmental edits, diving into character, plot, and world-building to not only figure out what will best help your book, but also why. I also focus on developing skills you can take with you beyond this manuscript.

I am open to stories in the adult category, especially sci-fi, horror, contemporary romance, and romcoms. What I’m looking for above all else is a strong voice and a desire to grow and improve.


  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Horror

I would love to work with disabled writers.

I am open to all sci-fi and horror. I love it all. When it comes to romance I am more selective, preferring contemporary romances and romcoms. I do not read historical romance so another mentor would be better to consider. I have no preference toward heat levels in romance as I write everything from sweet to high heat romance. 



  • Edit Letter (Big Picture developmental feedback)
  • Line edit (dropping notes into a Word Document)
  • Google Meet or Zoom
  • Email

I’d describe my mentoring style as supportive but blunt. I like to set the bar high and see what we can achieve. We’ll likely start with an edit letter and any big picture feedback. I’ll send that to you and then we’ll set up a time to discuss and brainstorm ideas and talk through your questions. I will ask you tons of questions to force you to dig deeper into your characters, plot, and world. From there, we’ll set a revision plan determined by the needs of your book along with homework assignments that will also be geared toward you as an author as well as your manuscript. I am an extreme plotter, which carries over to my mentoring style in that I will have a plan laid out to go over with my mentee. Adjustments will of course be made, but it will give a solid overview what to expect (including deadlines).

I prefer to read full manuscripts rather than chapter by chapter, but will make myself available for questions during the editing process.

My ideal mentee understands that the revision process is an essential step on the path to publication and is entering AMM in order to grow and learn. But they will also want to learn about skills they can take and apply to future works. My ideal mentee will be self reflective about their work and open to feedback. And hopefully love brainstorming. They will also be good at meeting deadlines and communicating.

I want all the sci-fi and horror stories (even better if you blend those) as well as contemporary romance and romcoms. I would love to see manuscripts with marginalized characters from authors who share that marginality themselves, I would especially love to see manuscripts that speak to the mixed race experience by multi-racial authors and manuscripts written by disabled authors.

Please don’t send me stories involving rape/sexual assault/abuse, child death/stillborn/on the page abortion, addiction, suicide. I am also not the mentor for historical stories.


Favorite books: The Misfit Soldier, Galaxy’s Edge series, Expeditionary Force Series, The Kiss Quotient, The Roommate, Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Favorite authors: Robin Cook, Stephen King, Tessa Bailey, Colleen Hoover, Michael Mammay, Andy Weir.

Movies/TV shows: Yellowjackets, Dexter, Lost in Space, Westworld, Lucifer, Dollhouse, Alien, The 100