Round 9 Submissions

January 12-14, 2022 (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED)


You Should Apply If:

  • You have a complete manuscript that is middle grade, young adult, or select adult genres
  • You are currently unagented and have not over-queried this manuscript*
  • You are willing to work on revisions alongside an experienced mentor

*Over-queried is a guideline, not a hard and fast rule, so please use your best judgment, re: how extensive a manuscript has been queried. When in doubt, submit anyway.

Step One: Fill out the mentee application

You may apply to up to 4 mentors in your category

Here is a sneak preview of several of the application questions so you can work on them ahead of time.


What books or other popular media, if any, would you comp (compare) your manuscript to?


Tell us a bit about the book you are submitting as well as your general writing background/history–anything relevant your mentor might need to know.


What are your long term career aspirations?


What other kinds of projects are you working on/do you hope to work on?


What are some of the publishers/publishing avenues you have in mind for your book?


Are there specific issues with your manuscript that you hope your mentor will help to address?


Who are some of the agents on your “must-query” list, if you have one?


Are there any pitch contests or other writing related deadlines you have in mind for this manuscript that we should be aware of?


What are you hoping to get out of your mentor relationship?

Step Two: Email your query package to the appropriate email

Middle Grade

Young Adult

If you are submitting a YA project with crossover appeal to an adult mentor, send your submission package to both the YA and Adult emails (using a CC is fine)


You should submit your project under the category where it would be shelved in bookstores: MG, YA, or adult. Works with “crossover potential” should regardless firmly sit in a foundational category (b/c that is how it works with agents and bookstores), so we encourage you to do your best to categorize your work.

What to email:


Query letter (in the body of the email)

Submit a single query addressed “dear mentors”–no personalization necessary


The first 50 pages (or 3 chapters, whichever is longer) of your manuscript, attached


A 1-2 page synopsis, attached

Important Notes:

File Format

Send us Word docs (doc or docx. format). Pages files need to be converted to be opened on any computer.

We prefer standard manuscript formatting, but don’t over-stress–no one will be disqualified for their formatting! When in doubt, use a standard font (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.) and size (12 pt), with paragraph indentation and at least 1.5 line spacing (but double is standard), plus Word’s default margins. No funky colors.

Subject Line

Format your subject line: Category Genre – TITLE

Sample email subjects:
YA Sci-Fi retelling – BRIGHTLY BURNING (Jane Eyre in space)
YA Contemporary – YOU DON’T KNOW ME BUT I KNOW YOU (ownvoices)


We will try to have an auto-response confirm receipt, but sometimes it is finnicky. We will NOT email you each individually. If you do not hear from us about any issues, WE HAVE YOUR SUBMISSION. We will only reach out in the event of an issue.